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Morning Tea Recipes Book

February 28th, 2011


When people lose a loved one by suicide, they experience a myriad of emotions, ranging from sadness, confusion, anger, guilt, abandonment and often hopelessness. The sense of loss and grief can be so deep that they spiral into depression; they become isolated and lost in their anguish and pain.

Whilst everyone’s grief experience is unique to them and is a very personal journey, many bereaved people find solace in remembering their loved ones in very special ways, celebrating the life they lived. It is important to find an outlet for our grief and a way of connecting with others that provides comfort and companionship.  Finding new hope – hope for the future – hope is the answer.  Marisa is a young woman who lost someone very close to her by suicide; here she talks about how she found companionship and hope.  She has produced this recipe book that is full of popular morning tea favourites as a tribute to the person she lost.

I’ve heard it said often that above all else, hope is the foundation for life. I didn’t understand this fully, until when, earlier this year I lost someone I dearly loved. Someone I relied on for love, support, guidance and friendship.  As hope faded I lost them to depression.

There was a knock on the door, and the Salvation Army was there, with meals, hugs, support and advice. I couldn’t believe their generosity. My family and I are forever grateful.

For the last couple of years, I have been taking my daughter, aged 4, and now my one year-old son along to Mainly Music. It is an amazing music program run by volunteers from the Salvation Army, similar to a Mother’s Group. The program is exciting, but best of all is the morning tea. Home-cooked recipes, a good chat, making new friends and sharing support

A couple of weeks after my great loss, I returned to Mainly Music, and the support for me and my family continued to flow. So here is my hope …

I have produced a recipe book called “Morning Tea”. It is a compilation of the favourite recipes made so lovingly by the volunteers at the Salvation Army. I hope you will buy a copy, as all the profits go to “Hope for Life”, the Salvation Army’s Suicide Prevention and Bereavement Support.

In “Morning Tea”, I have included a recipe for Caramel Slice, the recipe that I cherish from my lost loved one and that is now mine to share with you.  I hope you enjoy baking your Caramel Slice and all of the simple recipes in “Morning Tea” and sharing them with someone you love. Someone special with whom, together, you can share your own hope for life.


If you would like to purchase a copy of the Morning Tea – Recipe Book, Purchase Price $12.00 please contact us by email at or telephone  02 9356 2120.